Your very own Island Home

In Hawaii, Moku means ‘Island’.  And right here, Moku is all about living! ‘Island Living’!   Moku Living is new, inspired and unique and stems from my belief in beautiful handcrafted products which are natural, simple and harmonious.


The Passion

I love what I do and am passionate about helping you surround yourself with the little things.  The little things that inspire you, bring you joy and most of all, make your house feel like a home, an island home.

Textiles are what I know. Textiles are what I love.

I love the colours, the textures, the designs and the patterns.  I love the cutting, the creating and the making. Most of all, I love the finished product. Somehow, it’s extremely challenging, yet simple and easy – All at the same time.

I think my passion for textiles and home décor came from simply wanting to make my house a real home.  Anything from your curtains, linen and bedding, to the candles on your night stand and the cushions on your bed, all play a large part in making your house a home.  These little things, the things that give you joy, bring out a little bit more of you too.  Your personality, your creativity, your fire and your dreams – These all come alive in your home, just a little bit more, when you reflect you in your home décor.

This is why I love mixing and matching pieces too, because as people, we’re all different.  We are all inspired, fired and put together in different ways.  And from within, we have so many different sides to us, that we ourselves, are mixed and matched in a way.  Wouldn’t you agree?

So next time you buy some cushions, why not mix and match them to go with your mixed and matched personality? – Embrace your little quirks and differences!


The beginning

And so, with my love and passion for textiles and home décor, combined with my design, sewing and importing experience, Moku Living was born!

I have finally created an online business with which I am able to help others create their very own island home.


Escape to your very own island home with Moku Living, today.

Visit our shop or get in touch to find out more about our first collection and when it will be available to you, today!

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